The Superman Of China (New Super-Man Vol 1: Made In China)


Superman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933.



  1. Just a silly correction but lixin is pronounced something more like “lee syin,” but great video as always ^~^

  2. I know this is to improve market in China, but, with regards to improving diversity, I’d like to see characters from the lesser known countries, not just the big ones.

  3. WTF!!!!!! First the take our jobs now there taking our super heros!!!! LmFao!!! FUCK TRUMP FROM 2017 TO 2020!!!!

  4. These new superman stories is kinda what happened in the 90s with the death of superman and new supermen showed up

  5. Folding paper Man, seriously? they never heard of Origami? Origami is a WAY BETTER NAME. Unless there is already a character called Origami in DC

  6. im not gonna lie i love this story but i camt help but feel like this is alot like totally awesome hulk with cho i mean fr

  7. Well…I do hope we get to cover the true story of #RaistlinMajere of #DragonLance & yes it is a combination of Professsor Snape & God made flesh through the ‘eyes’ of a simpliphile/necrophile written by a woman afflicted. >_> His mother ( #RaistlinMajere’s ) is the initial ‘target’ of corrupt psionicist ‘method’ & the review of the ‘desire’ is tje whole of the #DragonLance chronicles through the ‘eyes’ of #Fistandantilus the simpliphilic necrophile ‘doing’ the tormenting during “the test” for #Wizardry #Witchery #Magery of #TheTowerOfHighSorcerry



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