The Return Of X-O Manowar (X-O Manowar Vol 4: Homecoming)

X-O Manowar Playlist:


X-O Manowar is a fictional superhero co-created by writer and former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and artist Bob Layton. The eponymous comic book series published by Valiant Comics has sold more than 8 million copies to date.



  1. Man I’ve had a real bad cold to. Lol glad you’re better bud. I love this manowar series. I love the comic series as well. They have really don’t a great job with manowar. He’s so awesome

  2. Hells bells! Way to go man, love the channel and that reference to the Dresden Files in the start earned you another like and this comment. Keep up the great work.

  3. Well, yeah, you wouldn’t find a character on the same Strength level as the hulk in valiant, but you could easily argue that the valiant version of solar man of the atom would absolutely STOMP the hulk, that guy is insane, he’s like dr manhattan living up to his hype dude

  4. When she kissed him and the suit immediately jumped off him it made me lmao because the suit was like “Time to get nekked bro!”

  5. Have you ever read Irredeemable Rob by Boom! Studios? That would be a great series for you to cover. It’s like injustice for adults.

  6. huge cliff hanger of an ending lol way to keep em hungry for more Rob! lol very maximus “Are you not entertained” lol I remember coming across this character in the ironman co-man of war psx game awesome stuff that. maybe one-day a Rob core video?


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