Supergirl 2×10 REACTION ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Aaron and Melanie React to and Discuss Supergirl Season 2 Episode 10 “We Can Be Heroes”

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  1. I like you guys, good reaction. My favorite character is still Martian Manhunter. In the cartoon when the Martians attack need to form the Justice League to stop them. So can be interesting!

  2. List of people who knows Kara is Supergirl:
    Winn Schott
    James Olsen
    Alex Danvers (obviously)
    Maggie Sawyer
    Lucy Lane
    Lena Luthor (most likely)
    Cat Grant
    Snapper Carr (come on how would he not know)
    Maxwell Lord
    J’onn J’onzz
    Kal-El (obviously)
    Miss Martian
    Silver Banshee
    and anyone working the night shift while she was talking to James about having a nemesis with the door wide open, and also anyone walking by as she was yelling at Mon-El in the street.

  3. I think at this point Kara has like a love octagon or something lol I mean she obviously has feelings for Mon-El and maybe something for James, then there was also Adam Grant, and Winn Schott for a brief moment, and now apparently there’s Lena Luthor, heck maybe even Megan Morrs, who knows lol. I think Kara should remain independent for another season. Then maybe mid season 3 after Mon-El’s character has developed further into something bigger which I think WILL happen, then Kara and him can team up and eventually get together like they were in the comics

  4. I think she would be great as a ‘captain cold’ style ‘villian’. I think she will develop a code of ‘honor’, less on honor, more on the logical realization that restraining her more violent impulses and accepting occasional cooperation can be a much more lucrative long-game strategy.

  5. I cried like Melanie during “Martians bonding scene” – it was really beautiful and perfectly acted.The thing with James(I might be biased cause he is like the one thing, for me, that the show ruined,cause he is nothing like the comics) is that he has no real training and Kara is just worried that he gets hurt or die,I mean DEO agents are mostly sitting in office,they have training,but when they go out in the field,they might die too,I’m pretty sure couple of them died figting the Kryptonians last season,so that’s how Kara thinks,I guess.

  6. seriously all this mon-el storyline is ruining the show he is sidelining every main character on the show, im tired of it, not even kara has a storyline outside being bor-els babysitter he even had more screen time than Alex this episode!! M’gann and J’honn save the episode tbh. All this “gave the white boy mote screen time” is ruining the show, this ep was the one with the lowest rating of all 2nd season

  7. I think the only reason Kara is against James and Win is because she knows them and they are her best friends so she’s clouded by that and therefore her fear for their safety. She didn’t know Oliver or Sarah and the others and so she just assumed they were capable AND she didn’t have that connection with them and therefore a fear for their safety.

  8. I think when you have a lot of characters, it’s good to have a lot of stories/plots going on. You just focus on different ones at different times and it makes the characters more well-rounded. It’s part of how comic books go on for so long. All the characters have something going on that makes their lives fuller.

  9. Pretty sure if they planned on Kara and Jimmy getting together they would have kept them together rather then break them up and have Kara state how she feels about him in Episode 1 of the season. As far as her reaction to Jimmy being a vigilantie, she doesn’t know Oliver or the others really but she knows Jimmy and she’s concerened as a friend that he’s out there putting his life on the line.

    Silver Banshee is busy being an aide to the President over on ABC in Designated Survivor

    Given the age of the actress playing M’gann, she’s 5 years younger then David Harewood, so not sure we’ll be seeing an Uncle/ Niece type relationship. That said I really don’t think we’ll have a “Young Justice” type series on The CW.

  10. you have”t to be kitting me you think he’s not a hero because  he’s still learning you idiots! think first I’m sorry but imagen if you were him and people called you that what you do or what will you say? Ohh yah umm thanks for the eposoide  you guys are the best!


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