Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ’10 Days’

The rebellion begins in 10 days. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is in theaters December 16.

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  1. Im hoping the story will be more fuller experience than the last movie
    which felt very rushed like the director jj abrams just wanted to grab my
    money and say see i brought some of the folks you remember back together
    but im gonna rush through the pilot and oh yeah leaving you wondering what
    happen to the rest of the older characters? I believe this movie will shed
    some light or darkness on how the death star was created and more
    excitingly will we get to hear Darth vader speak with the deep voice and
    breathing ventilator lol. Or will they skip it and that’s it. Cause for
    fans of this series we know what the death star did and still is doing to
    the universe as a whole. Lastly is George Lucas pleased with this movie
    cause he hasn’t said much through!

  2. Did they start the “A Star Wars Story” series because they did not want to
    call it Star Wars Episode 3.5? Or is this film really meant to be a
    separate entity from the regular series even though technically fits right
    into the original series?


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