Origin Of Volthoom/The First Lantern (Green Lanterns Rebirth One Shot: Last Testament Of Volthoom)


Green Lantern is the name of a number of superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. They fight evil with the aid of rings that grant them a variety of extraordinary powers.



  1. So, if the guardians created the green lanterns before the man hunters then why did they create the man hunters? I thought the man hunters were the first attempt at a universal “police force” or whatever, but they went crazy and then the guardians made the green lanterns to replace and stop the man hunters. If that’s not what happened then why were the man hunters made?

  2. Volthoom doesn’t know how much time he spent jumping not because of the different day length on other earths, but because the time itself may run slower or faster. Saying the Time, I mean “time particles” if it even has them. According to the theory of relativity  if you move as fast as the speed of light or faster time slows for you and you age slower than those who aren’t moving along with you. Jumping-Volthoom could’ve stumbled across universes that experience same effect. That’s why he didn’t know how much time he spent searching for a savior. Bad luck with bad universe may’ve lead to thousand or even millions of years to a single day.
    And why does it always come to some unknown wizard to create something that sounds un-science, when everything that advanced races create looks completely reasonable.

  3. So 1st came Volthum, then the 7 original green lanterns, then the manhunters, then everything else, but what happened to the 7 original green lanterns.

  4. if Volthoom is the embodiment of the full emotional spectrum shouldn’t he be White Lantern Kyle Rayner’s avatar?

  5. finally someone who has brought the clues together, I always thought there was alot more to the volthoom story, thanks, and maybe you could do a video on how manu lanterns there have been from sector 2814, peace!


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